Xantippe - The Information Structuring Workbench

Xantippe is a hypertext/hypergraphics authoring environment for Windows 3.x. Xantippe allows the author to easily organize bits of information into a hypertext document. Xantippe encapsulates bits of information into electronic index cards. These cards can be categorized into file boxes. Hyperlinks can be created between related topics. Keywords can be attached to each card. Xantippe gives the author all the tools to create electronic handbooks, help material, training material, and presentations in a hypermedia environment.

Getting Organized
Xantippe provides support for all the stages of structuring information.

The Browser

The Cards

Xantippe allows the author to easily create hyperlinks with a "select and click" method. Just select the information (text or graphics) to be linked and click on the card to link the information to. Xantippe will store the link and update the link as the hypertext document evolves during the authoring process.

Xantippe allows the author to attach a list of keywords to each card. A keyword can be a word or a phrase that relates to the card and is used during the presentation phase to index the card.



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Xantippe - Shareware US$15.00
Limited version with mini-manual.
Xantippe - Commercial US$99.00
Enhanced version with complete manual.
1) Create projects greater than 30 cards.
2) Work with multiple projects.
3) Ability to print.

California Residents add 8.25% sales tax

Shipping and Handling: US$5.00 inside United States
US$10.00 outside United States
Express shipping available, contact IRIS Media.

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